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We are glad to bring a new release of ChrisTV product series.

Version 4.60 ( 18 August 2005 )

  • Added support for FFDShow DirectShow postprocessing filter to improve image quality and more, you can apply it in preview mode and live preview mode.
  • You can customize MPEG Hardware Encoder settings ( like : Stream type, Video Bitrate, Audio Bitrate, Video Frame Size etc.) for TV Cards with Blackbird and Falcon Conexant Chipsets : Leadtek PVR 2000, Prolink Pixelview PlayTV@P7000, Provideo PV258 Series and others.
  • Added basic support for Capture Devices with WIS GO7007SB Chip, Plextor ConvertX PVRs.
  • Improved and optimized the Timeshift feature for software Capture Devices.
  • Scheduler Window has been redesigned for a better usage :

    • You can have access to all tasks information at once.   
    • Scheduler Tasks can be ordered by the time of occurrence.   
    • The disabled scheduler tasks are marked.
    • The next scheduler task that should take place has a colored mark.

  • Radio Recording for TV Cards with MPEG Hardware Encoder is available if Live Preview is enabled.
  • ChrisTV Settings panel has been reorganized for easier access and better usage.
  • You can set the Aspect Ratio Mode for Overlay and VMR9 video rendering modes between :
    • streched ( no aspect ratio correction )   
    • letter box ( letter box the video, and the background color will be black in the excess region )   
    • crop ( crop the video to the right aspect ratio )   
  • Added the feature to control the preview sound level using DirectX Audio interface when "Use TV Card Audio Output through the PCI-bus (instead of Line IN)" option is enabled so it won't affect the Wave volume.
  • Fixed some recording settings option for Hauppauge PVR 150/500.
  • Added the option to retune the TV frequency after channel change in case you have sound problems.
  • Improved channels and frequency tunning for some tv cards.
  • Other small fixes and improvements.
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Re: ChrisTV 4.80
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New release :
Version 4.80 ( 8 December 2005 )
  • We have added support for Hauppauge HVR 1100 TV card analog.
  • We have improved the support for ATI Theater 550 PRO TV cards.
  • Added the option to fix sound quality for some TV cards with MPEG Hardware encoder (like ATI Theater 550 PRO, Hauppauge PVR 150/250/350/500) which might have problems : choppy sound or no sound in preview when "Live Preview Mode" is disabled or while making recordings with low video bitrates.
  • Optimized ChrisTV Agent and Scheduler to work better on Windows ME and Windows 2000.
  • ChrisTV now detects automatically if the Audio of your TV card is streamed digitally (via the PCI-bus or the I2S-bus and no loopback sound cable is needed) during wizard configuration.
  • In order to improve the scheduler usage we have added "Next Recording Date" field, so you can see when the scheduled task will take place.
  • The advanced driver settings panel has been reorganized for a better usage.
  • Added the option to render the sound using the WDM audio rendering devices (for Hauppauge HVR 1100 and other similar TV cards).
  • Fixed Teletext and Image capture problem for some TV cards in ChrisTV Lite.
  • Fixed sound mode detection when using Composite or S-Video inputs.
  • Added the option to improve ChrisTV channel list loading time (works only on some systems).
  • Fixed sound initialization for some tv cards when using normal video renderer.
  • We have optimized the frequency retune option.
  • Added the option to fix Teletext initialization on WinXP Media Center Edition.
  • Other small fixes and improvements.