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Hi guys,

Just tested the new 2.1 of WinVodio at It now support the PVR 150. A major step from 2.0, where the PVR 150 support was not stable and audio was often out of sync. Recording and preview quality is now really excellent, very sharp and sofar always in sync. They are also adding new stuff to WinVodio itself. I guess what sets it apart for me is the integrated EPG and TV data, and you must live in a supported country to enjoy that. But if you do (I think mostly european countries), the command-line stuff and XML-TV struggling just doesn't do it for me anymore...

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Thanks Ringo for the nice words...

We are happy to add to your comment with our announcement that - indeed - WinVodio 2.1 has been released with full PVR 150 (as well as other PVR models) support. Some of the guys at Hauppauge have tested it, and told us they now use it for personal use, so that feels like a great reference.

The 2.1 has several improvements over previous versions; besides bug fixes and many smaller improvements, cool features such as a skinnable interface (choose from over 50 skins), the Rules Wizard in the Video Library (for automatic processing of a file upon recording) and integrated TV Data have been added. Check:

For those unfamiliar with WinVodio and the services, here's what special about our approach to DVR. The WinVodio software is a feature-full Digital Video Recorder, architectured as client-server. The client (GUI) contains all the features that you expect from a DVR, previewing, recording and scheduling, and much more. The WinVodio server runs in the background to do all the stuff around recording and scheduling. The GUI does not need to be opened for this, so you can use the WinVodio server as a background video recorder.

What makes WinVodio special is that it is fully integrated with the services at Through your Vodio account you get access to an EPG (for over 10 countries) and you simply schedule by searching, browsing and selecting the instructions from a web interface (wherever you are). The instructions you set, as well as those that are automatically created for you, get send to your PC (actually... the WinVodio server regularly checks the web site and picks them up) and the server will record whatever you have scheduled.

So WinVodio can both be used from behind your PC as a complete DVR package, but you can also schedule it remotely from anywhere in the world using your Vodio account. In fact, you can even schedule from your mobile phone for some supported models. The services are furthermore quite extensive; you can set Fixed Scheduling Instructions to always record TV shows that air on specific channels, between specific times, etc. The Movie Center lets you schedule all movies of your favorite actor in one go, so whenever they are on TV, they will automatically get recorded, etc.

We do ask a small donation if you decide to continue using it after 15 days, but it is limited and by far the cheapest in comparison to any other more or less comparable software. So feel free to give it a try!
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Yep, I am also a satisfied customer! The only thing lacking from WinVodio is that not all countries are supported by its EPG. I therefore decided to write a small utility that uses data generated by XMLTV to allow users to select the programs he/she wants to have recorded. After some input from friends and other test users, I feel that it is now ready to be used on a larger scale.

I have registered the project with (it is opensource (C++)) and hope that readers of this forum can use it and also give me some feedback. It would be even better if you would like to help me extend its current functionality.

I really feel that WinVodio solves all your PVR problems (at least, it did it for me) and hope this app can give you that last push to try it.


Project site:
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Re: New version WinVodio 2.1 ( with excellent PVR 150 support
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It seems to be a good application but i don't have seen a timeshifting function (am i wrong?)