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Hauppauge 250/350 vs. Win TV-PVR PCI II (Encoder-16)

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Scott R:
Thank you for the tip.  I just read through the FAQ and it looks like I'm getting closer but there are still many questions.  It seems like this is the pertinent question from the FAQ:

--- Quote ---Q: How can tell which Hauppauge WinTV-PVR I have
A: Here how you tell just by looking at the tuner should be label with number
like 48xxx or 32xxx
WinTV-PVR 250 Retail board
48xxx Rev1 It come with Composite to S-Video connector adapter.
48xxx Rev2 It come with a REAL Composite input port.
32xxx Rev3 It chip should be label Conexant CX23416.

Hauppauge Freestyle OEM board
48xxx Rev1 It has no IR port.
28xxx Rev2 It Dual chip design should be label Conexant CX23880/CX23416
and has no IR port.
32xxx Rev2 It chip should be label Conexant CX23416 and has no IR port.
--- End quote ---

My card is not labeled as WinTV-PVR 250 or Hauppauge Freestyle OEM, so I'm not sure what to make of that.  It is labeled simply Hauppauge WinTV PVR or something like that.  Furthermore, the label has the number "48512 REV 1126" so I am assuming that this puts me in the "48xxx Rev1" category.

The FAQ still doesn't tell me which drivers are applicable to my card (unless I can assume that even the newest 250 drivers work fine).

I did some additional searches and found that my card apparently uses the iTVC15 which apparently doesn't get as hot as the newer chip.  I've found no mention of video quality improvements with the newer chip.  My issue is that I'm very disappointed in the video quality of PVR and I'm trying to figure out:
a) Is this the fault of MCE or my Hauppauge card?
b) If the latter, is there a newer/better card that will provide noticeably better PVR quality.

FYI, I've tried all manner of video tweaking that seems possible via MCE.  I am comparing quality to my standalone TiVo with both the TiVo and MCE recording via the RF Coax cable input.  I've also tried a couple of quick tests via the S-Video input and quality looked about the same.

Any advice you (or anyone) can give me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,


That rigth Scott there not label but the drivers are for all 32xxx/48xxx or iTVC15/iTVC16 or 250/250MCE/Freestyle/350 but not the new 28xxx model it way diff then all other WinTV-PVR 250/250MCE/Freestyle/350 in fact there no official name for 28xxx rigth now other then it code name Roslyn.
WinTV-PVR Freestyle OEM board aka pettey the same WinTV-PVR 250 your come with older chip set know as iTVC15 or now know as Conexant CX23415.
More like fault is MS try some other tools like SageTV , BeyondTV, etc, etc, etc I will not waste my time MCE in  tell MS remove that junk ASF wapper crap.

Scott R:
Thanks.  I'll definitely try out some of those other PVR apps to see how things compare.  HDTV via Comcast cable is supposed to getting hooked up today so I'll be able to give MCE one more shot via S-Video and see if that makes any improvement.



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