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I have some issues with my 950Q I cant solve. Certain QAM channels sometimes show no signal, other times run fairly well but tend to freeze breifly. Also these same channels when 1st switching to them may only fill part of the screen with frozen images. Other QAM channels run perfectly while the analog cable ones all work they are grainy and not sharp. I basicly have a gaming computer which should be more than capable of handling any video. ALL drivers are up to date and have the Win7 latest drivers [2.2D] I believe on the 950Q. Have changed cables and splitters, also took the cable directly to the tuner. I have no problem with any other devices after my splitters[internet modem, sony bravia, etc]. Have attached some info of the computer, hope someone can offer some advice.  Also I have tried all the different video renderer modes with the hardware options on and off. Have 2 GTX 460 cards in SLI and a 9800 for physx.             

Have you try talking to hauppauge about your problem?.
The picture you posted dosen't really tell anything about system hardware you have, Like Make and Model or if home build system list all hardware.
Video card
Sound card
CD/DVD drive
Thing like that

I have not talked to hauppage, havnt looked to see if I could find a number. Not sure of where to go to get a picture of my system. If it will help and you can tell me to go to print the picture of all my hardware I will post it. Thanks.

I could be a problem with the cable in your house/apt or connecting to WinTV.  I got a poor digital signal with an old 10ft cable I had.  It could be a problem with the signal from your provider.  You might try the signal monitoring program, wintv_sigmon.exe on the Hauppauge website.  I am new the WinTV and the 950Q, but with my PCTVsystems (Pinnacle) USB tuner it would should a signal strength and quality meter.  Oddly it would vary between channels.  It also varied from the cable provider, sometimes to the extent it would on receive the channel or it would lock up shortly.  Usually this was only with the HD channels, digital SD channels most often came in fine.

Your system appears to have enough horsepower.  Which graphics hard might help.


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