Author Topic: .M2TS or .TS files works with Adobe Premiere/Encore  (Read 4956 times)


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.M2TS or .TS files works with Adobe Premiere/Encore
« on: December 28, 2009, 02:02:48 PM »

I bought a HD PVR to capture some videos to edit.

But I having a problem....

I capture this videos in HD (1920x1080i) and 5.1 Audio Channel AC-3 (with SPDIF cable, from my cable TV) and I can view the files with no problem with Windows Media Player,  TotalMedia Theater (that came with product), etc...

But in the time to edit, my problems begin!!!

Adobe Premiere or Adobe Encore doesn´t recognize the file .TS and doesn recognize the audio of files of .M2TS.

Is There someone here with the same problem???? Is there a solution???

Thank´s in advance....
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