Using WinTV2000-PVR


Please beware that some of the features show here are not on all PVR card.

Note: See the CD icon in Record TV “Create VCD Compatible file” it doesn’t work


To get this you need click Preference Menu button.


Windows2000/XP user must check (Allow Resolution Change) in order to get full screen support & use TV Mode button

or Ctrl + T.

Note: Don’t use full screen when doing MPEG capture recording under any Windows OS.


There are 2 ways to get this dialogue menu option below.

1: Left click on menu button dose as same as below dialogue menu.

2: This dialogue menu is with in the video preview window just right click and you should see this menu.











To get this Diagnostics dialogue menu you need hold down on CTRL button on the key board and right click on the video preview window.


It allows you to change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue on the source material that is being recorded.

The best thing is that you can change these settings while you are recording that if you have a Realmagic Hollywood Plus DVD decoder card, you can play the video you are recording while it is being recorded by the WinTV-PVR, and see your changes in Semi-Real-Time.

Otherwise you have to make changes, stop the recording, playback, check how it looks, and repeat until you are happy with the results.


WinTV-PVR 250 extra option


WinTV-PVR USB extra option


WinTV-PVR 350 extra option


On option: This for disable or enable the S-Video/Composite output.

PlayLocal option: This for disable or enable the intervideo soft mpeg2 decoder drivers.